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Discover our curated collection of products from BLNCD Naturals, a women-owned, Minneapolis-based company that creates award-winning, premium quality beauty and wellness products inspired by the therapuetic properties of plant-based ingredients, including CBD and THC.


BLNCD Vital Nutrient Complex - CBD Face Oil


BLNCD Revival CBD Body Oil


BLNCD Revival CBD Body Lotion


BLNCD Vital Nutrient Complex Discovery Set


BLNCD Revival CBD Body Lotion | 1 oz


BLNCD Revival CBD Body Oil | 1 oz


BLNCD CBD Salve | Heal+

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BLNCD CBD Salve | Relief+

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BLNCD Aromatherapy + CBD Roll-on


CBD Frequently Asked Questions

New to CBD? Wondering what cannabidiols are and how to use them? There’s a lot to learn about CBD and its benefits for health, skin, and stress. We’ve researched the most common questions and myths around CBD to help you find the product that’s right for you.

5 skincare secrets backed by science

An ultra-hydrating plant-derived compound, CBD calms, soothes, and replenishes the skin, helping to reduce inflammation, calm redness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall vibrancy.

In our new blog, we share, “5 Skincare Secrets Backed by Science,” where the latest trends go head-to-head with clinical evidence.